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24 / 11 / 2015

Coffee Beds, Tanzania 2015

I had thought about doing a project on coffee for sometime, but not from a journalistic point of view. Rather, I wanted to ‘feel’ this relationship between man and the earth.

23 / 09 / 2015

Stillness, Tanzania 2015

I don't want people to see a photo, but rather some distant memory.

20 / 08 / 2015

Cross section, British Columbia, 2015

Imagine an ocean of trees… where do you begin?

14 / 05 / 2015

Abandoned Road, Isle of Skye, 2014

I find I have to return to a place 2 or 3 times before I begin to understand it.

01 / 04 / 2015

Carrara, Study 2, Italy, 2013

What I like about a photograph is that it captures a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.